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Today was the my last first day of classes. It was exciting but sad at the same time. School has been pretty much the first priority in my life so far, and this will be changing so soon. I was in New York City for a brief week. Here are some pictures during my time there. I will be posting less frequently for the next few months since school is starting. I will be focusing my time on trying to secure a full time job after college while maintaining my grades. Some may say that college grades really don’t matter, but honestly I think it does. Many online applications I’ve seen have asked for my GPA. If it didn’t matter, why would they even bother asking….


Sunday night wandering around a deserted UChicago campus. I really liked the vibe this picture…

This marked my last week in the Midwest. I’m currently back home in New York while posting this belated post. Packing away eight months worth of your life in a suitcase was pretty much impossible. I ended up visiting Michigan Avenue the day before my flight and purchased another luggage. On Saturday, my flight was supposed to arrive in the city around 3 pm. However, due to maintenance issues, thunder warning, pilot maxed out his fly time, and other problems, I didn’t set foot inside the JFK airport until around 8 pm…


One of the last walk across the Chicago River.


Sights from the 35th floor.


The first view of New York, after the long 5 hour delay.


Happy August. It’s officially my birth month, which also means the year is almost two thirds finish. I guess the more optimistic way of saying is we still have one third of the  year left. Out of all the series I’ve started on this blog, Week in Pictures has been the one I’ve posted most regularly. In a way it’s like my weekly diary, just like how I use my Instagram as a way to keep track of what I’ve done these years.


As the first week of August finished, my lease for my downtown apartment ended. During my last week of stay there, I walked home from work almost everyday. I loved walking through crowds of office workers bustling about, between the giant skyscrapers that have taken over nature. It gives me a sense of serenity and joy while being hustled along with the crowds trying to get home. However, I had to stop and take pictures even if I piss of people around me due to the abrupt stops.


Moving from downtown to the neighborhood of UChicago was a very big struggle, amplified by my over weight suit case and the Chicago public transportation. Although I’m no longer living in the beautiful concrete and steel jungle, the new neighborhood has its own charm. Walking on roof decks where the mechanical systems are, strolling through the neighborhood surrounded by actual nature, listening to the sound of summer. It’s different. A good kind of different. A good kind of different that is not in relation to the lifestyle I had before. It’s just good and different. As I’m starting my last week of work tomorrow and writing thank you cards, I will be doing a lot of reflections for the next few days. Maybe my reflections will turn into a post….



I went to see a musical at Crystal Lake last weekend, but the weather really wasn’t cooperating. This was taken before the heavy storm that swept Chicago last weekend.


This would have been much better view if that light post didn’t get in my way.


I finally caved in and went to the Art Institute. It sucks that I have to pay more because I’m out of state, but at least I got the student discount.


One of the wall arts in the Jewelry exhibit and I loved the colors and the details. As I was editing the photo I realize there’s actually writing on it, I’ll ask my friend what it means…


Honestly I can’t believe that three more weeks and I will be moving back to New York. I remember thinking that being here in Chicago for 8 months is a very very long time back in February. Looking back now, it seems to be a blink of an eye. But isn’t it always like this. Looking back, the magnitude of everything, no matter what it is, seems to be smaller. While looking into the future, everything seems to be dramatic and amplified. I guess that’s the power of the unknown and the known. Whenever I grasp the fleeting moments of time, I get really scared. I get scared that if I don’t pay attention now, the next time I focus in on what’s happening in front of me, years could have passed. I might have settled down with a family and don’t know how it happened. We only have one chance at life, unlike all the games we’ve played, once it’s game over there’s no restart button. And this scares me so much. Am I going down the right path? Will this path lead to what I’m meant to do in life? Will it help me discover what I truly care about?

Maybe this is why I’ve been obsessed with the song Amor Fati by Epik High. My favorite line in the song is “You try to run away, run away from the world. But then you run away,
run away from yourself and you don’t know the way home.”Maybe I should just leave everything up to fate while grasping on being myself…


Finally re-visited the library when it’s sunny outside. It’s so much prettier when the sky outside is blue.

poetry foundation 4

The Poetry Foundation in Chicago. Although it’s for public, it’s a very elusive and exclusive location where visitors have to walk pass a yard before reaching main door. The architecture and interior of the building was on point. It gave off a very “zen” feeling with the decor and color scheme, very in tune with modern poetry.

buckinghamfountain portrait

Finally visited the Buckingham fountain this weekend, will do a separate post later on with more pictures.

color wheel by field museum

Stumbled upon this colorful beauty while getting lost.

atrium mall

The Atrium Mall.

Over the Fourth of July weekend I flew back home to the East Coast. Although it was really short and I basically just stayed at home the three days I was there, it was a nice and relaxing time. I came back to Chicago on Monday night at around 11 PM and did not get home till pretty much midnight, keep in mind I still had work the next day at 8 AM. The lack of sleep rolled over for the rest of the week and all my routines were disrupted. So, I’m sorry that I didn’t post at all this week. Also I realized that two posts per week is actually quite a lot of work, I’m thinking about reducing to one post per week. I’ll still be posting these weekly pictures though!

I downloaded Pokemon Go the other day. I don’t know how I feel about this game yet. I think the concept is really cool, combining reality with VR, but the nature of the game requires the player to be focused on the app while walking around. That’s very dangerous, especially in a city. I haven’t decided if I want to keep the game yet, I will sit on that for a bit.

chicago river

The raining river.


Godiva chocolate truffles.


Time seems to slow down when’s raining… or maybe that’s just me.

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