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Hey there,

How you doing? This month is a productive one, especially for the blog. I have one more post scheduled to come live this month, that’s three posts in a month! I haven’t been this prolific since I started my last year of college.


Although last week was filled with cloudy and raining days, the upcoming week looks a bit more promising with the sun. A look I’ve been loving this summer is the blue-and-white striped blouse like this one from H&M and this one from F21. Pairing it with a basic bottom, like a pair of white jeans or a black circle skirt, and you will be all set for a day in the sun. Sadly, I have yet to find one that fits well and could be incorporated into my work wardrobe (now I have to ask “can I wear this to work” to every piece of clothing I buy thanks to being an office worker). Instead, I substituted the blouse with a basic white tank and paired it with a sequined body con skirt for a summer date outfit. I’ve also included some of my current favorites in this flat lay: Narciso Rodriguez’s Fleur Musc (which I got in Europe), Clio’s pore priming sun block and Avene’s thermal spring water spray.


Being someone without 20/20 vision, frames are a constant accessory for my outfits (especially on those lazy days when I don’t want to put on contacts). Thus, I added my current favorite vision glasses to help you imagine the whole outfit. This particular pair is from eyebuydirect.

Warby Parker‘s newest collection, the Sculpted Series, would be a cute accessory to outfits like this one. They come as both sunglasses and vision glasses. The four frames in the collection are based on stone-inspired hues, which I love, from Onyx Tortoise to Rose Clay. Being the summer and my girly ways, my favorite pair out of the collection is the black, almost cat-eye frames with rosy tones peaking through. The black matches most of my closet while the rose brings out a bit of personality. And for my face shape, large, cat-eye/trapezoidal shaped frames usually look the best.

I’m going back of my usual style of keeping the things short and sweet. Last week’s super long post is a bit of an exception, but it’s honestly impossible to condense my first Europe trip to be any shorter. Anyway hope your summer has been going well so far and there’s lots of sun and fun in store. Let me know in the comments below where are your favorite pair of frames from or where else I should look for the blue-and-white-striped blouse!



P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen no matter the weather outside to prevent skin damage from wrinkles to skin cancer!


13835451_10206804876381478_310587415_o13838107_10206804876181473_1146845023_oTo me, summer weather means days of wearing nothing but dresses and skirts. Just last week, I wore nothing but skirts and dresses to work every single day and I enjoyed every moment of it. Recently, I picked up this flow-y dress from Fab’rik, which is a boutique like shop here in Wicker Park. I adore the theme of the clothing in the shop, all casual with a bohemian touch, which is right up my alley. As much as I love my black and basics, I love flower prints and comfy clothing. One cool thing about the dress is that under some lights it looks black and white, but under others it has hues of blue and purple.

I like how the rose prints on the dress is giant, but because it’s sketch print, it’s not totally in your face. Fun fact, I love the scent of roses and drawings of roses, but I don’t actually like roses themselves. I guess it’s because they’ve been too over symbolizes to the point that I don’t like them because people expect me to like them. My life and taste has been full of ironies, and I really enjoy being different from people’s expectations.

13835630_10206804876221474_56464858_oI’ve also picked up this pair of flats which is a hybrid of slingbacks and lace ups. I think I’ve been pretty late to the lace up party, but I’ve never really found a pair of flats that had the lace at the angle with pattern I liked (I know I’m very picky). I think most lace up look better with a heel since it helps elongate the leg, but this girl here can barely walk in heels so I had  no choice but to find a flat counterpart that didn’t shorten my legs. To be honest, I tried these on on Saturday but didn’t buy them right away because I told myself I really should not be buying more shoes (I’ve bought about eight pairs of shoes in the past year) and I will be moving back to the East Coast soon. However, after two days of thinking about them, I went back to the store and gotten them on a Monday evening after work. I made the mistake of not getting this other pair of slip-ons I really liked, I don’t want to regret not buying another pair of shoes I liked and thinking about it every other day. If you can’t tell by now, I really like shoes.

Last Thursday I attended a company event at the Merchandise Mart, which was gigantic. No wonder it was once the largest building in the world back in 1930.


Looking up at the Merchandise Mart.

It wasn’t a very formal event, but I still wanted to look put together. I paired a statement necklace, which I got from Urban Outfitter that looks like a section of an armor, with a plain black dress. My eyes were instantaneously drawn to the necklace because while it looked simple, it was in your face. It completed the outfit, adding a focus to the basic dress. Of course I couldn’t finish the outfit without my Daniel Wellington watch and my Anne Klein heels. Although the outfit was simple, it looked professional for the occasion and suited my taste.


Just posing in the office. No big deal.

Before the event, I got really distracted by my boss’s dog. I even ditched my human friends to play with him. His name is Walker and he is such a cutie pie. I’ve never had a dog, or a pet that I could play with (you really can’t play with your goldfish or your turtle, so I couldn’t really figure out if he liked me or not. But he ended up sitting right by my legs and let me pet him so I’m assuming he likes me. I will tell myself that he likes me.


Walker even matched my outfit! It was meant to be.

The actual event was called the Spring Fling, hence the title of the post (I didn’t actually have a spring fling nor does the outfit look very spring-y). It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it. For those of you who’ve seen my Instagram, I love food and the main purpose of this event is allow people in the industry to network with each other over finger food. More than a dozen of the city’s restaurants set up booths and provided samples of their food. The best part of it is that all the food are free. There is also alcohol, but I was more interested in the food. A bit too interested if I am honest, to the point I only end up snapping one picture out of all the things I had.


Sunda Halo Halo: shaved ice with jackfruit, lychee, ube, coconut jelly, berries, condensed milk, flan  and sweet mung bean.

White Tee and demin bottoms are one of the most classic combo. Today’s outfit is based on this timeless style. Don’t know what to wear? Have a casual date? Going to classese? This outfit can be worn at all sorts of occasions.


Top: H&M | Bandeau: Gilly Hicks | Shorts: Forever 21 | Choker: Forever 21| Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 | Perfume: Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge | Lip: Colourpop Satin Lip Dohee

13410873_10206532362408799_706989217_oI usually pair a loose top with a fitted bottom. This blouse from H&M is perfect for summer. It’s big, flowy and boxy, allowing wind to pass through while reflecting sunlight. The only thing is that the shirt a bit sheer, so I paired it with a white bandeau. You can easily switch it to a strappy bralette for a sexier feel.

I chose a pair of high waisted shorts which defines the waist since the top is so loose. Although all colors look nice with a white top, I especially like to pair a light wash denim in the warmer monthes for that summery feel. The cuffed opening adds more casual vibes.

13445866_10206532362128792_869553631_oChokers have been my favoriate accessories to wear on the weekends. Although they are a bit unconfortable since I’m not used to have anyone on my neck, I think they add a bit of edge to the outfit. They also channel the bit of goth inside of me.

The fruity floral scent of Modern Muse Le Rouge makes me feel girly and feminine in this otherwise pretty unisex looking outfit. Otherwise a pretty sophiscated scent, I think it compliments the casualness of the outfit.


Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Anne Klein | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Lipstick: Make Up For Ever | Eyeliner: Kat Von D | Eye Shadow Palette: Urban Decay | Nails: Urban Outfitters

April 30th.

First I want to apologize for being two days late with this post. My parents left town this week from their visit, my post schedules should be going back to normal next week. A couple of weeks ago I went to an industry dinner with my company and I literally didn’t know what to wear, not to mention most of my clothes/shoes are at home on the east coast. This reminded me of the difficult time I had last semester trying to prepare my wardrobe for this internship. I couldn’t find many inspirations on Google that had outfits that were chic, work and age appropriate. Thus, I decided share my experiences and outfit combo that are cute, age appropriate and good for work. Read More

April 2nd.

Hello hello! Can’t believe another month have passed in 2016 and it’s been around two months since I started this blog journey. It feels like just last night when I was sitting on my bed trying to think of a handle. This week marked the end of my Photo 101 course with Blogging University. Although it was quiet challenging to create a post everyday, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey! I definitely encourage y’all to take a course offered by Blogging U when you get the chance.


Today’s outfit is simple and casual. I’ve been really into monochromatic outfits with a pop of color on the lips or nails. I’ve shown where everything is from on the photo, so feel free to check out all these brands if you’re interested.

Read More

March 26th.


Dress: H&M | Perfume: Marc Jacobs | Accessories: Forever 21 | Lipstick: Estee Lauder | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Boots: Target

This week I put together an outfit inspired by the lyrics “I got that red lip classic thing that you like…” from Taylor Swift’s Style. I paired a bright red lip with a classic LBD, some ankle boots, a metal choker necklace and some dainty jewelries. This outfit is perfect for a casual afternoon date. With a change of shoes, from the boots to some pumps, it would also be perfect from a more dressed up event. Read More

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