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May 7th.

I recently, like yesterday, picked up the Garnier Micellar Water with the blue cap from Target. I’ve read many good reviews about this product and really wanted to try it for myself. I’m sure you are all aware of the hype around micellar water. It’s such a convenient product; takes off makeup, cleans the face, and no water is needed! As soon as I got home I tried the product out, and I was amazed! I even pushed the planned post back to write the review/first impression for this.Photo May 07, 9 40 09 PM

I chose the one with the blue cap instead of the pink one because it claims to take off waterproof mascara. Since I only uses waterproof mascara, it was a clean decision (well I also like blue more than pink and they are the same price so having one more feature is more value). Although, I will mainly be using this product to take off my face makeup after work before going to the gym. I like to have a foundation free face when working out because I don’t want to have the products mixed with sweat and get absorbed into the skin. I’m currently using a cleaning balm to remove makeup, so on days when I go to the gym I don’t apply any base makeup. However, now that I have this micellar water, I won’t have to plan out my makeup routine based on my plans later. I can wear whatever I want. So much freedom! Read More



April 21st.

Happy Thursday, or almost Friday. I’ve recently finished this pod of makeup remover, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I received mine from a friend, but I believe it’s around $6~7, which is a very good deal considering this lasted me around half a year or so. I’ve heard very good reviews online regarding this cleanser, from super moisturizing to removing all the makeup. I was super excited to try this out. After finishing the 172 grams worth of product, here are my thoughts.

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April 8th.

Hello from the other side (of the screen). Today I will be doing a review of Dove’s dry spray. It’s one of Dove’s new products and it comes in  8  different scents, each with a different colored cap. I purchased mine at a local Target for around $6, which is pretty expensive for a deodorant since the other more conventional ones are half of the price. Honestly, I had a hard time choose between the scents so I just went with my favorite color cap out of the available selection.

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February 18th.

My journey on finding the perfect dry shampoo started around four years ago, when I first heard about the product. I used to wash my hair every single day because I hate the feeling of unwashed hair. Dry shampooed hair is a lot more different than freshly washed hair, unlike what I had thought going into this whole dry shampoo trend. My hair is stiffer, for the lack of a better word, but more obedient. If I put it somewhere, it stays there instead of going wherever it want to.

This year as part of my new year resolution to take better care of my body, I stopped washing my hair every day. Now I wash it either every other day or every three days. Thus, the speed of which I use up dry shampoos has accelerated drastically. Read More

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