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With the recent events, the blurry divide within the country became clear as day. I may be called naive and an idealist, I can’t help but wonder if the world would be a nicer place if people are a bit more empathetic, a bit more open to those who are different. Technology is improving rapidly. We are no longer confined within the boundaries of physical world. Virtual reality is being employed by a variety of industries, from gaming to construction. For example, my company uses VR during safety training for big projects to help workers fully understand the dangers while working on the site. Verbally telling someone about the dangers of working on a steel beam a hundred feet off the ground is one thing, but letting them walk on said beam with no safety equipment through VR is another thing. Teachers always say, in order to fully understand a concept you’ve got to describe it using your own words. Having this personal experience of what might happen is an much more effective way to getting the safety protocols across than simply talk about them.

If people need to be in the situation to understand the concerns of others, I think virtual reality might be a perfect way to install some empathy in said group. For example, for those who don’t understand the concept of “mansplaining,” a virtual world can be set up where any individual’s actions are viewed in a patronized and condescending way. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have chances to become another person and view the world through their lens? Maybe it would help some people open their mind. Maybe it would help the world to become a better place.


P.S. Recently a friend pointed out to me that I have minor grammar errors in my posts. I am sorry if these errors bother you, please let me know if you find any and I will try to change them to the best of my ability!


April 27th.

I’ve always love to read articles on unfamiliar topics, from consumer protection to string theory. In my mind, this makes up for my disinterest in books. Thus, I absolutely adore TED talks. The other day I came across this article on Facebook: Aphantasia: How it feels to be blind in your mind Read More

April 19th.

The twentieth of April is tomorrow, so today seems to be an optimum day to talk about drugs and drug usage. I know this is a touchy topic, but I thought I would share my opinions on the whole drug usage.

Simply speaking, I’m against the usage of drugs irresponsibly. If you have the financial ability and mental capability to use these drugs in a responsible way, taking care of your family and loved ones, making rational decisions, have proper priority in your life, then I’m all about you do whatever that makes you feel happy.

What I’m against is the people who uses drugs to run away from reality, who prioritize it to be the most important thing in their life. It’s a blessing that none of my friend’s have their families broken up due to drug abuse. However, I’ve seen families broken up on the news, TV programs and documentaries due to substance abuse. I don’t think it’s right for people to ignore everything else that’s happening around them and put making themselves feel good as the most important thing. Not to mention these things are expensive, the money that goes towards these substances could be used elsewhere and potentially lead to a better life and exciting experiences.

Whenever I see homeless people on the street, I get hit by a wave of sadness especially when I think of the excessive things people buy and the lives of the rich shown on reality TV. Even though I want to help them, I hesitate on giving them money because I don’t know what they will use the money on. I want to help them improve their lives but donating money really isn’t going to make a huge impact, especially if they decide to use it on substances instead of necessities. I guess the road to equality really depends on policies and the government.


April 12th.

Hey you! I hope you like reading about deep things because that’s what I seem to keep on wanting to write about.  So if you are not about this deep business, feel free to not read any further. Hope you had a great day though!

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April 6th.

As you can tell I’ve finished my Photo 101 course last week, no longer posting every single day, I should go back to my original blogging schedule. This post will go into some deep stuff, so if you ain’t about that feel free to go to my other posts like my latest style post here.   Read More

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