2016 Winter Travels: Kyoto

File Apr 02, 10 41 45 PM

Hey there. It’s me again. I am writing this instead of finish packing for my flight tomorrow morning. For the first time in all of my college career I am actually going somewhere other than home for spring break! I’m super excited to go somewhere warm and full of tropical fruits (mangoes and pineapples here I come), but before I go I thought I would update the third part of my winter Asia trip, Kyoto.

I spent about three days in total in Kyoto, arriving early afternoon and leaving late morning. Friends have told me about all the amazing places to visit beforehand. But being the lazy planner I am, I didn’t realize how far apart all the attractions were from each other. Thank goodness, I booked an Airbnb place near one of the most famous attractions, the Inari Shrine. However, everything else I wanted to see were scattered all over the city. Since Kyoto is much smaller than Tokyo, with more historical sights and a lot less people, the trains were not as convenient as the buses. After doing some quick research, I decided to purchase a daily bus pass for the two full days I was there.

Out of all the amazing places I saw, my favorite is still the Inari Shrine. Despite being the first place I went to, there was something magical and magnificent about the thousands of torri that climbed through the mountain. Running close behind, the Heian-jingu Shrine is my second favorite location in Kyoto. To be honest, I think it is mainly because I visited during 成人の日, which is the Coming of Age Day for those who turned 20 that year. Sadly I went a year too late, but I loved seeing all these girls dolled up in their furisode (the most elaborate kimono for an unmarried lady) and taking pictures all around the shrine. It made me feel like I’ve became part of the culture for brief moment. 


Looking back through my photos as I was preparing for this post, I was honestly surprised by the number of sights I visited in 72 hours (considering I also went to an ryokan for a night). I was very ambitious and determined to see everything, but sadly there were a couple that I just couldn’t get the chance to. On the bright side, this means another Kyoto trip in the future! But for now, I will get back to packing for Cancun.


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