Jazzing in Chicago

chicago-4Recently, a friend of mine from middle school just relocated to Chicago for his work. Being a sentimental person, I was flooded with the memories. The downtown architecture, the Chicago hot dogs, the corner coffee shops. I could almost imagine standing in the middle of Millennium Park by the fountain looking over the Michigan lake.

I recently came across a new company Turo. After learning about how the company works from their website, I was very excited about the idea of renting out other people’s cars, especially for those special occasion (hint date nights hint). Not only will this allow those who can’t afford the car experience the ride with their loved ones, it also serves a form of source reduction for those who might consider buying something for single use only (although it is not very likely for cars, but the company serves a good model).


Beautiful lights by the river walk.


The romantic ambiance lighted up by warm-toned lights.

13833446_10206823889296789_434459718_oMusic is a big part of the Chicago culture, so I thought a night out at a jazz club would be a
perfect romantic date. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved convertibles. Feeling your hair flow in the wind while the city lights is blurred out in the background provides the ambiance. Going to a upscale Italian restaurant and have some red wine before the music venue sets the mood and help you and your date settle in. Although I’m not an avid red drinker, nothing goes better together than a glass cabernet sauvignon, bold red lip, and a seductive scent like this one by Maison Margiela. Having food in your stomach would help with the hang over if you drink a little bit too much at the Jazz club. Even though dinner at an Italian restaurant or night out at a jazz club is romantic by themselves, the special ride in a convertible or your favorite car would tie everything together and bring the date to the next level.


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