My Perfect Breed


Happy Wednesday (aka hump day)! This post will include many dog pictures, if you haven’t figured out from the title already. Also side note, today marks my one year anniversary on WordPress 😳🎉🌟


Hope you all have been doing well and have decently nice weather🌞. I’m currently sitting in my overly dry room while periodically there’s a blizzard outside🌨. What other time is better than now to sip some hot tea🍵 while doing quizzes!


A while back, I was inspired by PuppySpot to take a personality fit quiz about which dog would suit my lifestyle. Me, who still have a hard time deciding if I’m a dog person🐶 or a cat person🐱, quickly added it to a list of fun stuff to do.  Although living in an apartment building for school and not having a stable financial income, the chances of me actually become a pet owner currently is slim. This doesn’t mean I would pass up on this opportunity. I love cute fluffy animals and I love quizzes, what could be a better combination?


After going through the flow chart, I was very surprised and happy to find out that the recommended breeds are “the active socialite,” more specifically dogs like Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, Irish Setter and Field Spaniel. Despite not being anywhere near a puppy connoisseur, I knew I loved big dogs like husky and labs. If I ever got a dog parent, it will be one out of the breeds that was mentioned. So I was super happy to find out that my favorite breeds would be suited for my lifestyle as well. If you guys want to see what breeds of puppies are suitable for your lifestyles, I’ve attached the quiz below! Don’t cheat and look at the answers first😏~ Whether you are pretending to be getting a puppy (like me) or seriously considering becoming a dog parent, I’m sure this will be a fun break on this Wednesday🤗.



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