Semester in Summary

Hi guys, long time no blog!

First of all I wanted to say thanks for those of you have remained “followers” during my almost four months of disappearance. School finally ended and I finished my last final a couple days ago. To be honest, I am so glad it’s winter break (I’m sure many of you share the same sediment). I took on way too many credits this semester, the most I’ve ever taken in a semester, along with the job search and other extra curriculum activities, it was a stressful four months. However, looking back on it now, it was very productive!

As my first post after the hiatus, it only makes sense that I give you guys an overview. (Just to put a disclaimer first, I took all the pictures included; the ones I didn’t take I have included the picture credit.)


I moved back to NYC from Chicago and spent about a week at home before moving upstate to college. I was able to hang out with a couple of my high school friends, one of whom I haven’t seen since graduation. We checked out the New Museum downtown and grabbed some yummy tacos. It was also my birthday at the end of August. My best friend drove up for a day and we hung out before she had to go back to her college.


Class picked up its gears. I went to my first Homecoming, except I stayed for like 1 minute max before ditching to go grocery shopping. You can clearly see my priorities in life. I heard we won though! I also went to my first apple picking! I didn’t know the number of different apples that existed nor have I ate so much apples in a day. Thinking back, I should have tasted them whiled I picked because after I brought them home, I forgot what was the name of the ones that I liked.


October was fun before school got too stressful and the weather got too cold. I went to the annual Apple Fest with my friends (yes more apples…). I came back to NYC for a couple of days during Fall Break.However, I wasn’t able to eat as much Korean food as I wanted before I had to head back. I went my first Hockey game, climbed up a roof and dressed up as Wednesday for Halloween (mainly due to the limitation of my wardrobe).

Processed with Snapseed.


Leaves were turning colors, so the campus was super pretty. I went exploring some building I’ve never gone in. I watched my first soccer and volleyball games, helped with the makeup of two videos for the on-campus lifestyle magazine I’m part of and went to some really cool shows on campus. November was also when a lot of my friends signed job offers, I thought a lot about what I wanted to do in the future. I got more interested in product/UX/UI designs, I even went to a design thinking hackathon type of thing on a Sunday. I’m thinking about putting together a portfolio some time next year, but I’m not sure if I will create a different site for that or put it as an add on to this one.

pc @Tina Heย (Instagram: @fakepixels)


I only had one week of classes in December before finals week came rolling in. My super expensive DSLR, that I bought during Black Friday but it wasn’t even on sale, came in the mail. I went to the annual CSA Semi-Formal as a tradition. My professor brought in his super hyper wrist loving puppy to the review session. The two videos I helped out came out (here and here). I went to the annual Ice Fest, but all I cared about were the dogs running around. And after five finals, I’m back at home writing this post!



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