the day after

This morning, I woke up to the news that Donald Trump is now the president of United States of America.

A friend from Netherlands messaged me and asked what I thought of my new president. I didn’t know how to answer her then, and after more than 12 hours, I still don’t know. It’s a mix of shock, disbelief and being terrified.

I felt a undeniable disconnection from rest of America. I’ve felt this way before when I moved to the Midwest briefly and I didn’t understand some of their words and their way of doing things. But this is different. I’ve believed that America is filled with nice and good people. People who cared about gender equality, racial equality, religious freedom, etc. I believed we all shared similar moral standards as a society.

I’ve been trying really hard to understand reasons why a majority of United States citizens who voted supported Trump. There has to be reasons behind this outcome. I refuse to believe that the majority of the country are racist, misogynist and bigot that Trump has shown throughout multiple-platforms thus far.

More than the fact that someone with no political experience just became president, I am terrified of the racist, misogynist and bigot that Trump’s campaign have brought out. Being a minority woman, I’ve had enough worries about safety up till now but it has just increased. But if I’m terrified given my race and gender, I honestly cannot even imagine how scared people who are of targeted race/sexual preference/religious belief are feeling now.  There’s only so much one person can do, but the anger and hatred that has been instilled in this group of people is petrifying.


Please excuse my thoughts on the outcome of this election as I’m sure you’ve all seen too many by now. However, I needed to do this for myself. I had to write it out somewhere while I try to process where to go from here. There’s the saying that as long as there’s life, there’s hope. I’m trying to slowly find the hope in this chaos.
















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