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It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to y’all. Hope all is well. The first day of Autumn just passed exactly one week ago, so what’s better to do than reminiscent the tail of summer. Of course, nothing beats a good brunch filled with your favorite people and a little something extra, like mimosas! Paperless Post reached out to me and asked about what would my ideal brunch entail. So let’s go on a journey to my ideal breakfast bash and escape this fifty-degree reality.

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When I think of summer, I think of relaxing days filled with the sun and pastels. Imagine sitting in a field of green just hanging out with you besties. Everything will be pineapple themed. I mean what else is cuter than a pineapple right? The yard will be decorated with green and yellow streamers.  There will also be picnic blankets set up for guests to chill at before or after the actual brunch. Of course the one thing we can’t forget is have a photo booth location with DIY-ed props and a Polaroid camera to document the fun and the sun.

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The menu will be printed on the invitation,(check out some of paperless post’s really cute invitations for ideas). The guests just have to indicate what they want!


There will be a small bar set up serving three summery mimosas in stemless wine glasses:

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Watermelon Goodness

Watermelon | Lime | Agave Nectar | Dry Sparkling Wine

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Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Juice | Coconut Juice | Champagne | Syrup | Shredded Coconut

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Simply Orange

Fresh Orange Juice | Dry Sparkling Wine

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I hope you’ve enjoyed that small piece of imaginary summer.

This summer I was very much obsessed with pineapples. I’ve always loved the fruit, but the print just somehow gotten to me during the warmer days. I was THIS close to buy a pineapple printed sundress. I refrained because I’m still on search for that perfect daisy/sunflower dress which started around two years ago now. This will have to wait in line.


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