J U L Y 3 1 – A U G. 6


Happy August. It’s officially my birth month, which also means the year is almost two thirds finish. I guess the more optimistic way of saying is we still have one third of the  year left. Out of all the series I’ve started on this blog, Week in Pictures has been the one I’ve posted most regularly. In a way it’s like my weekly diary, just like how I use my Instagram as a way to keep track of what I’ve done these years.


As the first week of August finished, my lease for my downtown apartment ended. During my last week of stay there, I walked home from work almost everyday. I loved walking through crowds of office workers bustling about, between the giant skyscrapers that have taken over nature. It gives me a sense of serenity and joy while being hustled along with the crowds trying to get home. However, I had to stop and take pictures even if I piss of people around me due to the abrupt stops.


Moving from downtown to the neighborhood of UChicago was a very big struggle, amplified by my over weight suit case and the Chicago public transportation. Although I’m no longer living in the beautiful concrete and steel jungle, the new neighborhood has its own charm. Walking on roof decks where the mechanical systems are, strolling through the neighborhood surrounded by actual nature, listening to the sound of summer. It’s different. A good kind of different. A good kind of different that is not in relation to the lifestyle I had before. It’s just good and different. As I’m starting my last week of work tomorrow and writing thank you cards, I will be doing a lot of reflections for the next few days. Maybe my reflections will turn into a post….



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