Chicago Day Trip

buckhingham fountain

This post is around half a month late since I actually gone exploring two weekends ago. There was a handful of pictures I wanted to edit before making the post which is why it took so long. Anyway, long story short, I thought I should go visit the Buckingham Fountain because I had been in Chicago for more than half year I still haven’t been. I went on a journey to find the fountain on a Saturday. I called it a journey because although I knew the general location of it, I didn’t know it’s precise location.


The weather was really nice, super sunny and not humid at all. There were some really nice scenes that I passed while going towards the Michigan Lake, I couldn’t help but stop and snap few pictures. If I’m not in a hurry, I almost always stop to take pictures. This is especially because I know I get distracted really easily, like baby Dory in Finding Dory, and I really don’t like taking the same route. So if I don’t take a picture right then and there, I’m probably never going back to the same location.


buckinghamfountain portrait

I don’t know why I ever thought I would miss the fountain. It was one gigantic fountain with water shooting up like three stories high. It was so cool, no wonder it’s one of the top tourist attraction in Chicago. Although I got to say it’s kind of sad that there’s a fence around the fountain so you can’t get near. I can totally see why it’s necessary though, especially with all the children and pets around. Trying to find a spot with no one in front of you taking pictures was one hard task, but it also seems like the tourists come in waves. There are few gaps between waves where I got to snap the fountain with no one in my camera’s field of view. IMG_6704

My only goal that day was just to find the fountain. After finding the it I had no other plan of what to do, so I followed some tourists and went near the lake. Every time I see the lake I’m in awe of how big it is, guess it’s called the Great Lake for a reason. The Michigan Lake is my first and only Great Lake I’ve seen. It’s hard to imagine it’s only a lake when it looks like the ocean. I also found some cute ducks along the sidewalk. I followed them for a bit, taking pictures and snapchats along the way. Honestly, I still get used to having no fence at all near the lake. You can literally walk into the water if you want. I guess nothing blocks your view of the scene but at the same time I’m just like it’s so unsafe!


After walking for like 10 to 15 minutes, I found myself near the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. The location is also known as the Museum Campus, which is huge and literally like a college campus. I saw cool things like this colorful tent structure and the man with a fish fountain below. I also got lost in the campus cause not all routes lead you outside. But it was fine, I had fun walking around. I walked behind the Field Museum, across lawns, found a dinosaur, some cool stairs and the back of a totem pole. The only thing was that I ended up getting a watch tan, which is awkward. Also my only regret is not going further to near the Adler Planetarium. I’m leaving in two weeks and moving next week to another place, so I don’t know when I will get the chance to go see…


I took some polaroid of my day trip, but as you can see I’m not very good at using the camera yet. I need more practice…


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