Summer Flower

13835451_10206804876381478_310587415_o13838107_10206804876181473_1146845023_oTo me, summer weather means days of wearing nothing but dresses and skirts. Just last week, I wore nothing but skirts and dresses to work every single day and I enjoyed every moment of it. Recently, I picked up this flow-y dress from Fab’rik, which is a boutique like shop here in Wicker Park. I adore the theme of the clothing in the shop, all casual with a bohemian touch, which is right up my alley. As much as I love my black and basics, I love flower prints and comfy clothing. One cool thing about the dress is that under some lights it looks black and white, but under others it has hues of blue and purple.

I like how the rose prints on the dress is giant, but because it’s sketch print, it’s not totally in your face. Fun fact, I love the scent of roses and drawings of roses, but I don’t actually like roses themselves. I guess it’s because they’ve been too over symbolizes to the point that I don’t like them because people expect me to like them. My life and taste has been full of ironies, and I really enjoy being different from people’s expectations.

13835630_10206804876221474_56464858_oI’ve also picked up this pair of flats which is a hybrid of slingbacks and lace ups. I think I’ve been pretty late to the lace up party, but I’ve never really found a pair of flats that had the lace at the angle with pattern I liked (I know I’m very picky). I think most lace up look better with a heel since it helps elongate the leg, but this girl here can barely walk in heels so I had  no choice but to find a flat counterpart that didn’t shorten my legs. To be honest, I tried these on on Saturday but didn’t buy them right away because I told myself I really should not be buying more shoes (I’ve bought about eight pairs of shoes in the past year) and I will be moving back to the East Coast soon. However, after two days of thinking about them, I went back to the store and gotten them on a Monday evening after work. I made the mistake of not getting this other pair of slip-ons I really liked, I don’t want to regret not buying another pair of shoes I liked and thinking about it every other day. If you can’t tell by now, I really like shoes.


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