13 Reasons Why Tuesday is the Worst Day of the Week

I’ve been convinced that instead of Monday, Tuesday is actually the worse day of the work week. So here are 13 reasons why Tuesday is actually the worst day of the week.

  1. Tuesday is when you actually get sucked into work and have get things done while Monday you’re still semi on that weekend mindset.
  2. You almost never get Tuesday off as part of a long weekend.
  3. My first day of instruction next semester starts on a Tuesday.
  4. When you do have a long weekend and start on Tuesday, you get those Monday blues twice as strong thanks to a 3-day weekend.
  5. If your birthday falls on a Tuesday, it’s hard for you to celebrate with your friends cause celebrating the weekend before seems to be too early, celebrating that night feels like ‘what are you doing on a Tuesday night.’
  6. My classes on Tuesday-Thursdays are always longer than Monday-Wednesday-Friday, around 90 minutes instead of 50 minutes.
  7. Our prelims, aka tests/midterms/whatever you call these exams, typically falls on either Tuesday or Thursday. At least on Thursday, you get a bit more time to study/cram and have less pressure during the weekend before.
  8. On said prelim days, not only do you have to take super long classes during the day, you also have to stay on campus till past 9 PM (the tests are generally from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM, sometimes even 10:00 PM depending on the course).
  9. Tuesdays is also when my extracurricular activities have their meetings. I love the clubs, but you know sometimes you just want to go home and take a nap.
  10. There never seems to be anything super exciting happening on Tuesday.
  11. I would have to wait another week for a new episode to air for my Monday-Tuesday dramas (currently I’m watching SBS’s Doctors and it’s so good, highly recommended).
  12. There are decent number of  stickers, on Facebook and Snapchat, that depicts the Monday feelings, but there’s none for Tuesdays. How am I supposed to convey the blues on a Tuesday without giving people the impression that I don’t know my days of the week.
  13. Just because.

Although I feel like I should love all days of the week just the same, but it’s very difficult. I think the only time I really liked all days of the week equally is when I forget what day of the week it is…. Anyway hope you enjoy reading this, I had fun thinking up the reasons why I don’t like Tuesdays. Got to admit, the last few reasons were quiet hard to come up with.

P.S: I chose the number 13 because today is the 13th of  July and because I like prime odd numbers.


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