J U L Y 3 – 9

atrium mall

The Atrium Mall.

Over the Fourth of July weekend I flew back home to the East Coast. Although it was really short and I basically just stayed at home the three days I was there, it was a nice and relaxing time. I came back to Chicago on Monday night at around 11 PM and did not get home till pretty much midnight, keep in mind I still had work the next day at 8 AM. The lack of sleep rolled over for the rest of the week and all my routines were disrupted. So, I’m sorry that I didn’t post at all this week. Also I realized that two posts per week is actually quite a lot of work, I’m thinking about reducing to one post per week. I’ll still be posting these weekly pictures though!

I downloaded Pokemon Go the other day. I don’t know how I feel about this game yet. I think the concept is really cool, combining reality with VR, but the nature of the game requires the player to be focused on the app while walking around. That’s very dangerous, especially in a city. I haven’t decided if I want to keep the game yet, I will sit on that for a bit.

chicago river

The raining river.


Godiva chocolate truffles.


Time seems to slow down when’s raining… or maybe that’s just me.


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