Voicing out.

A couple of weeks ago I complained to my friend on messenger about how annoyed I was at people because of Christina Grimmie’s death, the Orlando Shootings, the Senate’s vote on gun control, and the ignorant protesters in NYC’s Chinatown. He reminded me to do something about this frustration, like start a discussion, use it to ground myself, rather than simply being emotional.

Although I was a bit bummed out at first that he didn’t resonate with my frustration, he made the better decision of helping me find an outlet for the emotions. His advice echoed in the back of my mind long after our conversation ended. I thought over his advice and my fear of voicing out my opinion because my discomfort in conflict and criticism. Whether it’s constructive or not, work related or personal, I take all criticism to heart, a concrete evidence of I’m not good enough. I really need to work on differentiating between criticisms, sifting through the ones that will better me as a person and toss the others out. Voicing out my opinion would be a start, it might not be the first step but it’s something.

My words might not change anything but it’s better than not saying anything at all.


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