Spring Fling-ing

Last Thursday I attended a company event at the Merchandise Mart, which was gigantic. No wonder it was once the largest building in the world back in 1930.


Looking up at the Merchandise Mart.

It wasn’t a very formal event, but I still wanted to look put together. I paired a statement necklace, which I got from Urban Outfitter that looks like a section of an armor, with a plain black dress. My eyes were instantaneously drawn to the necklace because while it looked simple, it was in your face. It completed the outfit, adding a focus to the basic dress. Of course I couldn’t finish the outfit without my Daniel Wellington watch and my Anne Klein heels. Although the outfit was simple, it looked professional for the occasion and suited my taste.


Just posing in the office. No big deal.

Before the event, I got really distracted by my boss’s dog. I even ditched my human friends to play with him. His name is Walker and he is such a cutie pie. I’ve never had a dog, or a pet that I could play with (you really can’t play with your goldfish or your turtle, so I couldn’t really figure out if he liked me or not. But he ended up sitting right by my legs and let me pet him so I’m assuming he likes me. I will tell myself that he likes me.


Walker even matched my outfit! It was meant to be.

The actual event was called the Spring Fling, hence the title of the post (I didn’t actually have a spring fling nor does the outfit look very spring-y). It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it. For those of you who’ve seen my Instagram, I love food and the main purpose of this event is allow people in the industry to network with each other over finger food. More than a dozen of the city’s restaurants set up booths and provided samples of their food. The best part of it is that all the food are free. There is also alcohol, but I was more interested in the food. A bit too interested if I am honest, to the point I only end up snapping one picture out of all the things I had.


Sunda Halo Halo: shaved ice with jackfruit, lychee, ube, coconut jelly, berries, condensed milk, flan  and sweet mung bean.


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