French Skin Care

Recently I’ve gained a new French flat-mate after the previous housemate moved out to her new condo. Just a little while before she moved in I started looking into French skincare products, mainly because of this giant bank turned Walgreens. This place has a stained glass ceiling, a vault in the basement and carries many European brands I’ve never seen before.

Through some research I found that the French is all about them mineral water and cleansing water. There are quiet a number of similarities between Korean skincare and French skincare. For example, women of both countries takes skincare really seriously, but the French is much more minimal compared to Korean. Both also put huge emphasis on great skin.  I thought misting was a Korean trend but turns out I was wrong, it’s French.

I was running out of cleanser, toner and moisturizer, it’s as good of a time as ever to purchase some of these French products.


Le Covent des Minimes cream for sensitive skin | Avene gentle toner | Avene cicalfate | Avene thermal spring water | La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel

I really like Avene’s minimal color scheme and light fragrance.The thermal spring water spray is also the only product I’ve tried from the haul. I’ve misting the thermal water after I tone my face morning and night. I’m not sure if it actually made a difference, but I think my skin feels softer and a bit more hydrated. On a side note, I finally figured out that my skin feels tight after washing is due to dehydration not because I have dry skin. I will definitly be taking this into account when I purchase future skincare products.

Avene’s Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream isn’t really for the face. It helps with healing the skin. I bought it mainly for my feet, which been drying out and needing some attention and love.

Some main concepts of French skincare that I come away with (I feel like they also apply to Korean skincare routine as well):

1. Drink lots of water

2. Use gentle products

3. Sunscreen is very VERY important

4. Don’t be lazy with your skin, use masks weekly

5. Cleanse thoroughly

I’ve really been loving the concept of French skincare products, with much emphasis on mineral/spring water, and their packaging. I am very excited to try out these products and will probably do some reviews once I finish them.

  1. Swear by avene! Their thermal water is my favorite step of makeup, I always spray it to prep and to end with! Love the post xoxo

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    • ruomee said:

      I think I’m getting converted to avene as well! It’s only been a week or so since I started using the thermal water, but I always reach for it. I’ve never seen it sold anywhere other than the giant Walgreen, I’m already thinking about purchasing backups when I move back to NYC. Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it! ❤

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