M A Y 2 2 – 2 8


Fresh flowers make everyday a good day.


Detroit airport is cool because it has this super colorful tunnel that plays soothing music.


That light spot in the middle is actually created by lighting and the surrounding darkness are thunder clouds. It was my first time watching lighting while in air. It was fascinating as well as terrifying.


Sometimes I forget Cornell really is “gorge-ous.”

Graduation season is filled with bittersweet-ness. Even though I am not graduating just yet, the sentiments still get to me none-the-less. I’ve come to appreciated all the hangouts, friends, and conversations I’ve taken for granted.

Graduation is also a time for separation. I guess that’s part of growing up, accepting that life will get in the way. I’ve always been the type of person who thought that if two people love each other and if they work hard enough, they will find a way to stay together no matter what. But I think I’m starting to understand that it’s not always the case. From my personal experience and what I’ve seen from my friends, sometimes no matter how much you want to stay with the other person, you have to let go.


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