A Little Update…

Posts this week has been very out of schedule, partially due to my short trip starting tonight back to the East Coast and partially due to my increasing stress regarding career options.

I’ve recently decided that I want to apply to consulting firms as well. This also meant that I need to cram on the case interviews, which are known to be asked for consulting firms. I’ve also started a list of companies I will be applying for, the location, branch etc. I really need to get my shit together before school start again, especially  since I’m taking 21 credits next semester. A brief list of things I need to work on this summer include:

1. Research more companies

2. Update resume

3. Start looking at job openings

4. Network with alumni who have gone through similar career decisions

5. Keep up with blogging

On a less stressful note, the weather has finally turn for the better! It’s super nice and warm now, pretty much summer. I asked my supervisor whatever happened to spring, and he said the gloomy sad weather we had all last couple of month was “spring.” I guess here April showers really do bring May flowers, although the flowers only last a couple of weeks before getting dehydrated by the sun.

Speaking of flowers, have you guys seen my latest Instagram post? I took these fresh flowers from a giant vase that was left from a retirement party Saturday. They put me in such a great mood, even though the pollen from the lily got on my white shirt and I don’t know how to get it off (does any of you guys have ideas?).


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