Makeup Brushes Cleaning Hack

Photo May 19, 11 32 28 PMMay 19th.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat and the glove that came out a while ago. Although I would love to have them, I’m not about to spend like $30 just so I could clean my brushes better. When I was on the checkout line in Forever 21 and saw this pore cleansing pad I thought hey this could totally work as a brush cleansing pad, not to mention it’s only like $1.50. Photo May 19, 11 08 17 PM

The pad is made up of silicon, which is very common for these pore cleansing pads. Side note, I’ve actually used something similar to this before to wash my face, but I didn’t really see a difference. Not sure if they actually help with better clean the pores. This is basically a much smaller version of the actual cleaning mat/glove. Photo May 19, 11 19 43 PM

I simply pump some soap on the wet pad and swirl the already wet brush on the pad. This creates so much more bubbles than washing with just my hands. After using the pore pad, I noticed my brushes seem to be even cleaner and fluffier.

I hope you liked this short and sweet post. If you try this out don’t forget to let me know!




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