New Series! Food

May 5th.

Hello there! So I decided to start a new post series called Food as a way to categorize reviews of restaurant/coffee shop/food places I’ve been to. After scrolling through my Instagram account (check it out if you haven’t done so already), so many of my photos are food related. I thought might as well start a food review section since I almost always take a picture of the food before I eat, unless I made the food or I’m way too hungry. Not to mention I recently jointed this online community for foodies, by foodies (from their words) called TABElog. I’m slowly, very slowly, writing reviews of the places I’ve been to based on Instagram photos, and I will just also post them here on the blog as well.

I am super excited about food. My friend in school have seriously contemplated about bribing me to visit their place (they live way too far, like under a massive hill) with pickles, jalapenos and other edible things.

Anyway, hope you will enjoy this series!




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