Magnolia Bakery | Chicago, IL


Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Address: 108 N State Street, Chicago, IL 60602


Price Range: Less than $10

Despite the chain starting in NYC and having many locations, I waited until I came to Chicago for my first visit. I don’t know why either. The shop has a very homey feel, like a bigger version of mom’s kitchen (except my mother doesn’t make cupcakes but we can imagine right).

My friend and I went pretty late at night, around 9 pm, after our rather late dinner so there was a limited amount cupcakes to choose from. I ended up getting this chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, honestly I have no idea why it’s mint colored.I contemplated whether I should cut the cake in half and make it into like a cake-burger before eating it, since you know that’s apparently the correct way to eat a cupcake.

The cake part was delicious. It was moist and chocolate-y. Now let me talk about the frosting. It tasted strongly of butter, for those of you who love butter you would love the frosting. I was not expecting it. The lady who recommended me the cupcake only told me it was vanilla frosting so I assumed it would be more of a cream frosting. I, for one, am not about the butter taste. Thus, I didn’t like the top too much. Another thing is that the frosting was way too sweet for me. Although it looked pretty, I think I can find a cupcake that better suit my taste.


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