April Favorite Tunes

May 3rd.

Happy May guys! Graduation is nearing/happening for many universities, and even though I’m not graduating this year, I’m getting the second-handed bitter-sweetness of graduation from all these posts from Thought Catalog (like this, this and this as you can tell I love Thought Catalog) and photo albums on Facebook.

So this month I decided to finally sort through my Spotify account and actually make playlists with music have some relevance to each other instead of just mashing everything song I’ve been liking, old and new, into one giant list. Also I realized I had two accounts. No one needs two Spotify accounts. Here are three songs I’ve been listening to a lot this past month. I chose three because its a prime and odd number. 

1. Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya

I love the message this song sends. The lyrics are very empowering, especially because society tends to objectify women. This song gives the message that no women do not need men’s opinion on pursuing our dreams and justify our actions. My favorite line in the song is probably “I don’t know what you’ve been told, but this gal is gonna rule the world.” The song also has a really nice beat, but I think the reason why I listened to it so much is due to the lyrics.

2.  Amerika – Young the Giant

I’ve been enjoying this type of music, very chill and laid back. The lyrics and music brings me back to the older days, the times of black and white movies. I have no idea what time period this song is supposed to be set in, but images of people saying goodbye on trains plays in my head when I listen to it. The words “always talking about one day in America” brings me back to the ideal of the American dream and the land of opportunities. Being an immigrant myself connected me to the words. The lyrics made me think about the opportunities I’ve gained since coming here, but the melody also brings a sentimental component.

3. Wrapped up – Olly Murs

The first/only other song I heard from Olly Murs is Dance with Me Tonight, and that is because it was part of the Hollister playlist while I worked there. Like the other song, I really love the melody of the song. I can’t help but dance whenever I listen to it. However, I am not about the lyrics at all. The superficial attraction and the pick up lines throughout the song exemplifies the hookup culture in today’s society. You want to put your hands all over her just because the way she dances?! No that is not OK.

The rest of the songs I’ve been enjoying this past month can be found here. It’s only 47 minutes, 13 songs, which is MUCH shorter than the other playlists I had that were like 100+ songs. Also, I think I may be reading too much into songs and their lyrics. Then again, music is one of the many main sources of communication and ideas. The ideas within the songs are being spread consciously or unconsciously through the population, so I think me reading into the songs is justified enough.

Anyway, happy teacher appreciation day!



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