How to Dress Appropriately for Professional Dinner Party


Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Anne Klein | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Lipstick: Make Up For Ever | Eyeliner: Kat Von D | Eye Shadow Palette: Urban Decay | Nails: Urban Outfitters

April 30th.

First I want to apologize for being two days late with this post. My parents left town this week from their visit, my post schedules should be going back to normal next week. A couple of weeks ago I went to an industry dinner with my company and I literally didn’t know what to wear, not to mention most of my clothes/shoes are at home on the east coast. This reminded me of the difficult time I had last semester trying to prepare my wardrobe for this internship. I couldn’t find many inspirations on Google that had outfits that were chic, work and age appropriate. Thus, I decided share my experiences and outfit combo that are cute, age appropriate and good for work.

13112548_10206286999794887_983985121_oThe event was semi-formal. Guys dressed in full suits with ties. Women wore dresses. However, since it was an industry event, the attire had to be professional and work appropriate. The event basically served as a networking event for people in the same industry, thus nothing revealing or scandalous can be worn. This also meant that the skirt length should be relatively long.

I chose to wear this sparkly body con dress from Forever 21 because the length of the dress makes it work appropriate while the sparkle and form fitting aspect makes it chic and something a twenty-year-old would wear. But to be real, it was the only dress in my closet that fit the occasion and I didn’t want to go on a frantic search for another dress the night before (I had to do that for the shoes though).

12992014_10206162185754614_2110580353_oThe event was on Thursday night, I had to go find a pair of shoes that Wednesday night. I had a pair of black flats which I wear in the office, but I thought that the outfit would look much better with heels. I had an idea of the kind of heels I was looking for going in, but that just made everything more difficult. I needed something that were not super high, around 3″, or else I can’t walk properly. I was also looking for black heels with an ankle strap because I don’t own any black heels and the strap makes walking a lot easier. When I first walked past by these shoes, I didn’t pick them up because they looked kind of weird. After walking around the whole dress shoe section and still didn’t find anything that I was looking for, I came back to these shoes and tried them on. They look much better on a person than in air.

I kept my makeup pretty neutral and simple. I chose a lip color that was very similar to my natural lip color, so when it did fade during dinner, it wouldn’t look too weird.

The event was really fun. Although I didn’t network with many people outside of my company, I bonded with my co-workers. I hope you found this post interesting and potentially helpful. Thanks for reading!




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