The Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser Review


April 21st.

Happy Thursday, or almost Friday. I’ve recently finished this pod of makeup remover, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I received mine from a friend, but I believe it’s around $6~7, which is a very good deal considering this lasted me around half a year or so. I’ve heard very good reviews online regarding this cleanser, from super moisturizing to removing all the makeup. I was super excited to try this out. After finishing the 172 grams worth of product, here are my thoughts.

13072072_10206236213885271_516081393_oThe product is in a consistency of a cream, as the name suggests. I really enjoyed the scent. It kind of reminds me of the creams my grandmother used to put on, which makes me very nostalgic. I can’t describe it exactly, since it doesn’t remind me of anything else. The scent is rather strong, so for those of you with sensitive skin this might not be for you.

As you might be able to tell from the swatch, the cream is a bit oily, which makes it easy to massage on the face. However, I have read somewhere that you shouldn’t massage the product for long or it will get absorbed into the skin along with the products  you’re trying to get rid off. Usually I only need one scope using my index finger to take off all my makeup, waterproof mascara included. On days when I wear BB cream,  I use a little bit more about two scopes worth.

So here comes the part that I never found out regarding this product before I started using it. Before this cold cream I had been using cleansing oils, so I assumed that after you combine the product with water, it will emulsify and you can wash everything off. This was a terrible assumption that does not hold true at all. It would not budge at all using just water. I had to use a tissue to wipe off all the products first before using my Clarisonic Mia 2 to fully get everything off, washing with my hands does not get everything off. I thought maybe I’m using the product completely wrong, so I read the directions on the back of the pod, which said to “wipe with wet washcloth, and rinse if desired.” I have not used a washcloth for my face since I was like 12. Then I remembered a YouTube video I saw a long time ago that first introduced me to the cold cream, where the woman in the video used a makeup wipe to take off the excess products. Makeup wipes are pretty expensive (minimum $5 for 20 wipes), even the Target brand. I didn’t think it was worth it since I would be taking off the makeup remover with a makeup remover wipe. So I decided to get the Target brand baby face/hands wipes, which was like $1 or so for 20 wipes. If babies can use it on their faces, then I can use it on my face! After wiping the product off, it was much easier to clean everything off with a facial cleanser.

Basically, the Pond’s cold cream is really good at taking everything off, but it just needs to be wiped off with a wet cloth of some sort before the second step of the double cleanse. I will not be purchasing/using this product again because I rather use something that does not require an extra step of wiping the product off before washing.

Have you guys tried the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, I hope you found this review helpful!




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