A Piece on Drugs

April 19th.

The twentieth of April is tomorrow, so today seems to be an optimum day to talk about drugs and drug usage. I know this is a touchy topic, but I thought I would share my opinions on the whole drug usage.

Simply speaking, I’m against the usage of drugs irresponsibly. If you have the financial ability and mental capability to use these drugs in a responsible way, taking care of your family and loved ones, making rational decisions, have proper priority in your life, then I’m all about you do whatever that makes you feel happy.

What I’m against is the people who uses drugs to run away from reality, who prioritize it to be the most important thing in their life. It’s a blessing that none of my friend’s have their families broken up due to drug abuse. However, I’ve seen families broken up on the news, TV programs and documentaries due to substance abuse. I don’t think it’s right for people to ignore everything else that’s happening around them and put making themselves feel good as the most important thing. Not to mention these things are expensive, the money that goes towards these substances could be used elsewhere and potentially lead to a better life and exciting experiences.

Whenever I see homeless people on the street, I get hit by a wave of sadness especially when I think of the excessive things people buy and the lives of the rich shown on reality TV. Even though I want to help them, I hesitate on giving them money because I don’t know what they will use the money on. I want to help them improve their lives but donating money really isn’t going to make a huge impact, especially if they decide to use it on substances instead of necessities. I guess the road to equality really depends on policies and the government.



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