A Mini Korean Skin Care Haul

12991839_10206191727253133_804428068_o April 14th.

Hello there. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I recently made my first purchase through SokoGlam where all products sold have been curated by esthetician Charlotte Cho. I’ve actually known about the site for around half a year now but never purchased anything. I was running out my makeup remover and took the chance to order some products through the site.

A little background regarding my skin care products. I started using Asian skin care products around four to five years ago, when I realized my drug store bought products were drying out my skin and making me breaking out even further. Since I am Asian, I thought that Asian skin care products would better suit my skin and they are less harsh. I started with only toner and lotion, and now my skin regime has grow to include essences, serum and eye cream as well. Let me know if you would like to see a skincare regime post. I still use American/non-Asian products here and there, but most of my products are either Korean or Japanese.

So on to the products I purchased!

13035458_10206191726093104_265646533_oClean it Zero is a make-up remover that comes in a balm form but turns into oil when you massage it on to the skin and emulsify into milk like texture when water is added. It’s a super cool product that works really well, even with taking off waterproof mascara, the only kind of mascara I wear. I tried the product once before when I stayed over at my best friend’s place last semester. I was amazed by it and couldn’t wait till purchase my own.

12999699_10206191725933100_52282300_oThis is the first time I’ve ever tried anything by Cosrx. I’ve heard great things from YouTuber Jen Kim (aka Meejmuse), so I decide to give this a try. I actually used this product the day I got my package because I couldn’t wait anymore. The consistency is like water and there is no scent. According to the directions, you’re suppose to use it during the essence/serum step. I use it after my Missha Time Revolution Intense Essence. I pump on my hand and use my fingers to spread the product on my face. I think it’s working with reducing my blackheads, but I could also be hallucinating due to my excitement for this product. I will make a judgement on the effectiveness another time after a few more uses.

12992027_10206191726333110_1588461200_oI picked up this sheet of pimple patches, also from Cosrx. Now that I think about it, I’ve never see pimple patches/stickers sold by any American brands. I first learned about them while watching a Chinese drama when I was in elementary school. They are basically the love child of spot treatment cream and a band-aid. You put one of these stickers, which is coated with product that help reduce acne, on one of the pimple and let it stay for a certain amount of time. The sticker prevent the bacteria being spread around, especially if you have long hair and are worried about bacteria transfer during sleep, while spot treating the pimple.

The last item I purchased is this mist from Benton. I’ve never heard of the brand but the mist if made up of mostly tea tree water (85%), which is really good for acne skin. Besides, I needed a mist and this one looked really cool. I’ve never seen a mist not in an aerosol spray can before.

12999746_10206191726173106_345471739_oAnd that’s it for my mini Korean skincare haul. If you have any requests or feedback, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to read them! Hope you’re having a good week and happy almost Friday!




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