My Hopes

April 12th.

Hey you! I hope you like reading about deep things because that’s what I seem to keep on wanting to write about.  So if you are not about this deep business, feel free to not read any further. Hope you had a great day though!

I came upon this quote by Edith Wharton today, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” For those of you unfamiliar with Edith Wharton, I didn’t know who she was either, she was an American writer in early 20th century who won the Pulitzer Prize and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. I was really drawn to this quote because it embodies a quality that I want to achieve. I strive to make a difference in the world, from people I see everyday to hopefully those who I’ve never met.

I’ve mentioned briefly before (here!) that my childhood dream was to become a doctor. I think more that giving up, the idea morphed into trying my best to help others in need, whether it’s physical or emotional or anywhere in between. This is the reason why I’m currently getting my Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering, also because I don’t particularly enjoying reading things I’m assigned to. Although engineering is a lot of work, when I learn the practical applications of the things taught in lectures and the people that been helped, I’m reminded of why I chose this path. Besides, I heard that you can go anywhere with a engineering background (I seriously hope this is true).

I want to be a positive influence for those around me and continuously improving on myself so I can be a better person that I was yesterday. I know this sounds super cliche and something people just say, but I really do try to learn something new. One thing that I’ve been doing is being more informed about what’s happening currently in the world. I signed up with Bit of News, which gives me a daily brief of the most important and interesting news around the world (you can check them out here). Honestly, I think it really helped me get outside of my bubble and be more get to know more about the world. Example, today I learned more about the Zika virus and then went on a tangent and read about the Polynesians.

I know I won’t be able to be the candle that spreads light all the time, but I hope I can be the mirror who reflects the light to those who need it. Simply, I just want to help making the world a better, happier, more peaceful and more open-minded place, one person at a time. If I have magical powers, I wish there would be no more fighting and war. I wish people would embrace each other’s uniqueness. I wish everyone would just get along and be friends.

It makes me sad to see beggars on the streets. It makes me sad to read about the refugees.

It makes me angry to see the people rambling on about issues they don’t fully comprehend. It makes angry to see people taking advantage of the under-educated and turning people against one another.

It makes me speechless to see some people’s ideals and entitlements. It makes me speechless to see the inequality that still exists.

We may look differently, think differently, speak differently, but we are all the same species, made up of the same chemical compounds, in need of the same resources to survive. Why can’t we stop comparing ourselves and putting each other down just to feel ahead. We can achieve so much more if we work together.

Anyways, just some of my Tuesday thoughts. Hope your Tuesday was okay and your Monday wasn’t horrible.




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