The Dove Dry Spray Review


April 8th.

Hello from the other side (of the screen). Today I will be doing a review of Dove’s dry spray. It’s one of Dove’s new products and it comes in  8  different scents, each with a different colored cap. I purchased mine at a local Target for around $6, which is pretty expensive for a deodorant since the other more conventional ones are half of the price. Honestly, I had a hard time choose between the scents so I just went with my favorite color cap out of the available selection.

12969299_10206151759413962_1516655414_nAccording to Dove’s official website, the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant claims to “goes on instantly dry,” “leaves your skin soft and smooth” and “protects you for 48 hours.”

The product had a light consistency but also a bit oily and it did not instantly dry as I sprayed on. At first I thought I was using it wrong, so I searched up instructions on Google and YouTube. However, even after that, the product did not seem to be instantly dried. If I immediately put on clothes after using this, most times it leaves a mark as the clothes touch the product. I have to be very careful when putting on my shirt after using this.

Although the scent is nice, when you spray it in an un-ventilated area and accidentally inhaling some products, it does not feel nice, at all. Since the product needs to be sprayed upward towards the arm pit, accidentally inhales happen quiet frequently.

The lasting power of this antiperspirant is not amazing compared to other stick ones I’ve used. If it’s a super hot day or you’re just sweaty for some reason, this product would not last anywhere near to 48 hours.

All in all, my impression of the Dove’s dry spray is that the concept is nice, the packing is simple and cute, but the product needs some more work. I would not recommend it unless you’re just intrigued by the concept of the product like I was. Otherwise, I would recommend sticking with the stick deodorant/antiperspirant and save some $$$.




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