Monochrome | Photo 101


“Be the type of person that not only turns heads, but turns souls.”


After comparison, I like the monochromatic version of this photo because of the feeling it gives off. There is a stronger contrast, giving off a more mysterious vibe than the original image. It is also more dramatic.

Blogging U.

  1. Wandering Soul said:

    Agree with you on that. Also, the play on light and shadow is more pronounced in the monochromatic one. Beautiful capture!

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    • ruomee said:

      Yes definitely! Thank you for the feedback/comment!


  2. NooryaK said:

    I love both! 🙂
    Monochrome is more dramatic but the colored is intriguing too.

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  3. Oh there you go again using the EL to tug at my emotions for your city!!!!
    The monochrome shot is full of atmosphere and has a really gritty feel, great stuff!

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    • ruomee said:

      Hehe I really like the architectures Chicago has to offer 🙂 thanks for commenting as always!

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