Inspired by Spring

March 13th.

Mid-March is slowly approaching and day light savings time started today, spring is pretty much here. Here are some pieces that reminds me of the coming season.


Halter Neck Jumpsuit from Zara
When I think of spring, I think of pastel colors, floral patterns, and looser silhouettes. Rompers has been in the trend for some time now. This romper embodies all three of these elements. The front of the piece is very modest, and at the same time the showing of the lower back is very sexy.


One Piece Swimsuit from UO

Spring also means those awesome spring breaks! Of course, swimsuits are a must. Like the romper from above, this swimsuit incorporates all the elements that reminds me of the season. I love the pastel mint, which reminds me of the Caribbean sky and ocean. I adore the cutout and straps on the back. Although, I do think this swimsuit might result in a quiet weird tan.

essie nail

Full Steam Ahead; Dehli Dance; in the Cab-ana; the More the Merrier by essie 


Nail polish always puts me in a better mood because of their colorfulness. I’ve picked out a few colors that screams spring from the essie collection. My favorite out of the four, although I love all of them, is probably in the Cab-ana. It reminds me of a beautiful clear sky and the ocean!

What are some pieces that remind you of spring? Comments and likes are always super appreciated!




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