Solitude | Photo 101


Solitude, the state or situation of being alone. More than the subject of the photo, I think it’s the vibe the picture gives off that captures the feeling of solitude. An almost monochromatic photo. An almost empty platform. It gives me the feeling of being alone but not quiet, very similar to the times of being in a huge crowd but feeling like you’re the only person on Earth.

Blogging U.

  1. NooryaK said:

    Absolutely amazing shot!!
    Taken from a perfect spot in the perfect way.
    Gives the feeling

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  2. The photos is really impressive – kind of unemotional, perhaps that’s what makes it feel lonely? I know the feeling of being alone in a crowd, that to me is isolation, whereas solitude is a more chosen kind of alone.

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    • ruomee said:

      Thank you for commenting! Hmm.. for me, the feeling of being alone in a crowd usually come when I’m standing on the subway platform during rush hour. Rather than isolation, I feel weirdly calm. It’s like I’m in a different time universe while watching everything around me move about…. (I have no idea if this description makes any sense to anyone other than me… )


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