Street | Photo 101





Streets are probably one of my most photographed subjects. Living in the city, I get many chances to stop and snap a shoot at the landscape. The picture on the left was taken while I was waiting for the train to visit the farmer’s market this weekend. If you look closely enough, you can see the Sears tower, one of Chicago’s landmarks, in the background.






Looking down on the hip parts of the town, as my supervisor calls it.


Early morning. Sun is shining.

Blogging U.

  1. Blue line. So much nostalgia.

    Great pictures, btw. Looks like amazing light, bright, clear, sharp.

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    • ruomee said:

      Haha yes the blue line! I take that everyday :). Thank you!!


  2. Lovely – I agree so clear, the contrasting lines on the first one with the train tracks and wooden platform are wonderful. I’m in awe.

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    • ruomee said:

      Thank you!! I’m really glad you like them 🙂


    • ruomee said:

      Hahaha I know right!! When I first moved to Chicago I was like ‘oh my gosh these platforms are so fancy!!!!’


      • They’re all like that? Man that puts London train stations to shame!


      • ruomee said:

        Not all! But a lot of them. Coming from NYC where most trains are underground and very very dirty I was super amazed haha


      • Yup that’s exactly what they’re like in London as well, although the underground/tube are cleaner than normal trains for some reason.

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