Tuesday Coffee

March 1st.

It has already been three months since 2016 began. Time feels like it’s flying by, maybe it’s because I’m reflecting back on only the bigger moments and forgetting the minute ones.

Today as I was making my second cup of coffee after lunch, the amount of caffeine and coffee I’ve consuming dawned upon me. I’m usually a green tea drinker, not any other tea just green tea with the occasional white tea joining. However, ever since my company got a fancy new coffee machine and my discovery of where Lipton black tea was stored, my drinking habits changed. Now these two drinks, which have much higher caffeine contents than green tea, has taken over my life. At least I drink the coffee black with a ton of ice and caffeine has minimal effects on me. But the first thing I did was googling effects of drinking black coffee because I thought I was overdosing. Few of the surprising things I learned was that coffee helps burning fat and it helps decreasing the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I feel a bit better about my recent change of drink taste.

Over the past weekend, I went to a coffee shop Intelligentsia (am I suppose to italicize this?) and researched about the different career paths people with my majored have generally pursued. After reading around for a couple of hours, I felt a bit better about the future. Mind you, I still have no idea what I want to do, but seeing the different concrete options made me feel better. To be honest, I think being in Intelligentsia helped. I mean the name is basically intelligent. Also, I think I was mainly freaking out because I knew so little about the paths for my major.

Recently, I’ve also been getting more and more into Instagram. I think it’s mainly because I finally figured out its potentials and how to connect with people through the platform. The amount of time I took to reach this stage is quiet sad, but I’m here now! Since it’s March, spring is almost here! I’ve been really loving the flower arrangements on Instagram, especially the tag inspiredbypetals (I would totally include them in this post, but I feel like that would lead to copyright issues, since I didn’t ask the owners of the pictures if I can post them… So if you’re interested, please go search the tag up!) If I had my own place, I would definitely go to a flower shop and buy some flowers to decorate the place. Maybe I will do that this weekend! Visit a florist.

Hope your February has been well. Onward to better and unknown times.



  1. Relish said:

    You are so lucky to have an Intelligentsia in your neighborhood. They coffee is superb. Lovely blog, lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

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