How to Choose the Perfect Gift

February 26th.

Hello internet! It’s Friday! Hope your week has been well~

Do you have a friend who you need to get a gift for, cause I have friend who’s birthday is coming up (I really hope she doesn’t find my blog and see this post before her birthday though)! I thought I would make this post about how to find the perfect gift that shows the thoughts you’ve put in.

Disclaimer: This is not a gift guide, it’s a list of questions you can ask yourself about the person you’re getting the gift for to better decide what to get. It might not help everyone you need to get a present for, depending on how well you know the other person. Then again, I think that presents should only be given to people you really care about, like family and close friends.

So let’s begin!

What are some distinct conversations/memories you have about the friend?

For me, I’ve known this friend, who’s birthday is coming up, since the first day of college. We are in the same major, so I’ve spend a good chunk of my college career with her (at one point we literally had the same exact schedule, so we saw each other every single day). This meant that we’ve had a lot of conversations. Some of them include how much we both love furry animals, especially cats, things that are soft, bubble tea and artsy things. She’s also prone to forgetting her keys. There was one time we waited outside of her dorm suite for one of her suite-mates to come home because she forgot her keys, thankfully a cleaning lady was nearby and she opened the door for us.

So combining everything, some gift ideas for her are:

You can get it here!

I picked this furry key chain because 1. it’s furry and 2. it will remind her to stop forgetting to bring her keys when she leave her house. I specifically picked orange because it’s her favorite color!

Soledi Cute Itazura Automatic Stealing Coin Cat Kitty, Piggy Bank, Saving Box, Money Box

See more information here

So the bubble tea on our college campus usually only accept cash. This cat piggy bank will remind her to save money for, you know, boba! You can also customize it by making a note to tape over the box that says something like “give the kitty some money, and it will get you some boba.”

Is there anything you remember the friend mentioned specifically?

A conversation I had with the friend, a different friend than the one mentioned above, during finals week consisted about stress and things that help to de-stress. One of the things she mentioned was the adult coloring books that has been popular now days. Although I don’t remember which exact one she was referring to, there are way too many these days, I know that this would be something that she wants and would use. If you wanted to spend a little bit more money to make the gift more perfect, you can also include a set of coloring utensils, like a 12 colored marker pack.

Buy-able here!

I chose this one because I like all the details and flowers this coloring book has. I also really like the gold detailing. Besides, this is the number one seller on amazon for landscape and seascape art!

What does the friend usually do in their free time?

During my friend’s free time she usually sketches, sometimes she also paints with watercolor. There was this one picture I remember seeing on her room wall that had a poem along with a sketch she did. I think she wrote the poem with the same watercolor brush. She also really like art supplies, like ink pens and colored markers. So I thought a calligraphy set, like the one below, would be perfect for her. Besides, I remember sharing a really cool calligraphy video with her on Facebook. The calligraphy set comes with two different color ink cartridges. The cartridges are also refillable, so she can use it for a decent amount of time (and I know she has ink since I was with her when she bought it).

Sold here


Lastly, always include a handwritten card!

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned handwritten card?! For me, I will actually be making my own cards. For the friend whose birthday is coming up, I will be drawing a little cactus plant on the front of her card, cause that’s one of our inside jokes. You can always personalize a bought card with little doodles or stickers.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I hope these questions/this post helped some of you out with your gift ideas. Another advice I have is to create a budget. Having a budget will guide the things that you ultimately buy, it helps you pick and choose between the ideas you have, and, probably most importantly, it will not create a giant hole in your bank account. All in all, have fun with picking out a gift that will remind them the good times/conversations/memories you’ve shared! Don’t be too stressed out! If you have any other advice regarding gifts, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you as always for dropping by and reading.




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