Quarter Life Crisis-ing

February 21st.

After a mental breakdown on a Sunday afternoon, I think my quarter life crisis has reached an all time low. I know what I don’t want and don’t want to try, but I don’t know what I want. It’s like choosing a major for the college applications all over again. I know what I like. I like sketching stills. I like designing rooms, that’s all I ever did on Sims 3. I like travelling and exploring, taking pictures of beautiful sites. However, none of these seems applicable to my major and I’m slowly thinking if I had chose the wrong major. The things I seem to be drawn to are artsy and creative, but majoring in environmental engineering really isn’t very artsy or creative (well I guess the creative part is debatable).

Honestly, the more I think about what I want to do in the future, the more I’m confused. Nothing seems to be jumping out with a red alert box, being “pick me pick me, I’m what you’re destined to do.” All the career paths that passes my mind are either “oh this looks interesting” or “I don’t think I’m qualified for this.” Picking between something I’m good at or something I’m interested in is also a struggle. Although I’m not even sure what I am good at this point. When I was younger, I thought I was good at drawing/painting. But I haven’t been practicing and honing my skills, so I don’t think I’m good at them anymore.

I really hope I find my passion soon…


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