Drugstore Dry Shampoos Review

February 18th.

My journey on finding the perfect dry shampoo started around four years ago, when I first heard about the product. I used to wash my hair every single day because I hate the feeling of unwashed hair. Dry shampooed hair is a lot more different than freshly washed hair, unlike what I had thought going into this whole dry shampoo trend. My hair is stiffer, for the lack of a better word, but more obedient. If I put it somewhere, it stays there instead of going wherever it want to.

This year as part of my new year resolution to take better care of my body, I stopped washing my hair every day. Now I wash it either every other day or every three days. Thus, the speed of which I use up dry shampoos has accelerated drastically.

As for my hair type, I have medium hair strands with medium density (I used the method detailed here to figure it out). I have slightly wavy hair after I wash it, but it turns straight by day two. The last time I colored my hair was about more than a year ago. I have a little bit of colored hair on my ends.

So let’s do this chronologically now, shall we.

TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($5.99/4.3 oz)1338-333060-300x400_dryshmpoo_volumizingThis was the first dry shampoo I tried out. The scent was similar to the TRESemee hair sprays. It’s been a long time since I’ve used this, I remember that I really didn’t like it. The product weighed my hair down to be super flat. My roots felt greasy half way through the day. I had two bottles. One of them the cap/nozzle broke after a few uses, I had to constantly unclog the cap/nozzle on the other one. Although it’s been a few years since my purchase, the product and the bottle design probably have changed since then. But I don’t think I would try it again, especially since there are so many other products on the market to try out.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Wild ($7.99/6.73 oz)batiste-dry-shampoo-sassy-and-daring-wild-350x350

I purchased this one after seeing it in a monthly favorite video by a YouTuber (I tried finding her again, but honestly I don’t remember her name or channel name). I remember her raving about how good it was and how amazing the scent was. I purchased it in either Urban Outfitters or Target, but probably Urban. My impression was that the scent was way too strong for me. It was like ‘BAM’ in your face kind of smell. Other than that, it did the job pretty well. My hair didn’t feel greasy the whole day, but it still semi weighed down my hair.

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($4.49/5 oz)dove-dry

This purchase was made rather recently, like within a year. Claire, from heyclaire, and Ingrid Nilsen both talked about it on their YouTube channels (see here and here). I really loved the scent of this one. It was fresh, not super overwhelming. It just smelled really good. The price was also amazing, it’s under 5 bucks! The product did the job of soaking up the oil, but like Batiste it weighed my hair down a little bit as well.

Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo ($9.99/4 oz)31ecu2bapjgl-_sx425_I just finished using this dry shampoo this week! I didn’t think this was anything super special. It did do the job, also gave my hair a little bit of volume. My only problem with it was that the scent was just plain. I can’t really describe it. It’s not like there’s no scent, but there isn’t a scent either. Like it wasn’t fruity, flowery, or anything. It kind of smell like powder in a metal can. I like my dry shampoos to smell nice, so I will not be repurchasing this.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Dark and Deep Brown ($8.99/6.73 oz)3bc518e00e6e75f0ce2b190ab2068567

This is the one I’m currently using. I like how the product is colored, so I won’t run into the risk of having a patch of white roots if I didn’t blend the product well. The downside of having colored product is that your fingers look gross after you blend it out in your hair. I really like the scent of this Batiste dry shampoo. It has a floral scent, and it’s not overwhelming like Wild. I’ve only used this a couple of times, and so far so good. However, it does weigh down the hair a little. I’m starting to think that weighing down the hair is a trend for these sprayed on dry shampoos. Also, since the powder is brown, when you do wash your hair, the shampoo foam may (will) be tinted brown as well. Just putting it out there.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Following are a list of products I’m thinking about trying out after the current one runs out. However, they are a little bit more pricey comparatively.

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder ($27/2 oz)

Recommended by Stephanie from Soothingsista on YouTube here.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($23/3.5 oz)

Claire also talked about this product along with the Dove dry shampoo (see above link for video)

L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo Texture Expert ($19.99/3.4 oz)

Recommended by Jenn from Clothes Encounters on YouTube here.

All in all, I’m still looking for the perfect dry shampoo for my hair. A product that smells good, keeps the grease in check, and does not weigh down my hair is not too high of an expectation … right? Please comment to let me know any recommendations or tips that you have regarding dry shampoos. Thanks in advance!




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