This and That

February 16th.

Today it snowed. Time seems to go slower whenever snow starts to fall. The loud city seems to be quieter too, as if stopping to take a moment and appreciate the sight. Although I’m not particularly fond with winter, I’ve always loved the way a city looks when it’s snowing, especially when I have my ear buds in. Everything looks so peaceful, it puts me in a better mood. Not to mention, it reminds me of the holiday season, my favorite time of the year!


Shot this when I finished my errands at the post office today. Although the snow isn’t shown, it was actually snowing quite a lot! Just wanted to squeeze in here, I thought I was going to have a horrible experience at the post office due to the reviews I read on Yelp. However, the woman who helped me was super nice. I was in a really great mood afterwards. 

After reading some advice about blogging and whatnot, I think I should set up a blogging schedule. My current plan is to blog twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday posts will consists of life, thoughts, basically what the past two posts have been about. Thursdays will be about lifestyle. Ha, can we just take a moment and appreciate that the two categories of my blog is life and lifestyle? It will probably consist of food, style, DIY projects, and those kinds of things. Hopefully this is a bite-sized goal.

Till then.



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