Familiar Unfamiliarity

February 11th.

Walking home after work today, I felt familiarity as I glanced around my surroundings while waiting for the pedestrian light to change. It has only been a little over a month since I packed two suitcases and moved to the Midwest. I’ve lived on my own before, but moving to another state in a different time zone was different. I didn’t know anyone here. I didn’t think it would be terrifying but it was terrifying when I first arrived. Now after a month of living here, I’m finding bits and pieces of things that are familiar. For example, that guy owns the same jacket as my friend from high school; the girl across the gym looks a lot like my friend on the same project team; etc.

Even though I came from a city, there were some things that I needed to get use to. The metro system is called the “L” for eLevated, although some times the trains goes underground like the subway. I’ve wondered multiple times that who thought of abbreviating elevated by it’s second letter. Not the first letter or the last letter, but the second one. I tried very hard to say the L whenever I’m referring to the system, but sometimes the word subway just come out due to habit. Things that I noticed that were different from New York City include stores in Loop, which I think is the center of Chicago, closes at around 9pm everyday. Some streets have hidden speakers that blast music all through the day. There are a million alley ways everywhere, like every other street there’s an alley. The seating on the L is more like a bus than the subway.

38 days. I’m much more comfortable and confident about my life choices now than I was 38 days ago. Here’s a picture of “the bean” aka the Cloud Gate as a form of celebration. You’ve got to go to touristy spots when you’re a tourist, especially when it’s within a mile radius from where you live.



The Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate. It was only around 10 am in the morning and there were already a load of people there!



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